zondag 4 juli 2010

The Shamutanti Hills (fragment)

There seems to be a good deal of merriment in the village. "It is the festival of the young," whispers Jann. "Once a year the children are allowed the freedom of the village. It is a time of great fun and pranks." A number of children sit in the street ahead, drinking ale. A little too much, it seems, as they are laughing loudly. Ahead a young boy holds an old woman over his knee and is spanking her. A group of boys is fighting outside a hut with a sign which reads: "Glandragor's Tavern". A group of girls is standing at a signpost pointing to the "Crystal Waterfall", tripping up their elders as they pass and giggling to each other. Would you like to avoid this festival and make for the inn (turn to 92), visit the tavern (turn to 230), head for the Crystal Waterfall (turn to 102) or leave town straight away (turn to 21)?

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