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Letter From A Strict Mom (part 3)

Now we realize that in your article you recommended not being shy about punishing the sensitive areas between the bottom cheeks. In fact you took the trouble of suggesting a technique, and recommended that the amount of attention given to this area should be dependent to some extent on just how "shameful" the "subject's" actions had been. You must be wondering if we had decided to ignore this particular bit of advice, since I have just said that at this point I felt that Nancy had been sufficiently punished.

Please have no such fear. To be more clear, what I should have said was that I now felt that Nancy stood even as to her debt to my husband and me for all of the anguish she had put us through, and that we felt that she now had an extremely strong incentive to mend her behavior in the future. That squirming, wriggling, swollen, red and purple, slightly bleeding expanse of skin before us was going to be very sore for quite a while!

However, we still felt that the matter of Nancy's offense to Timmy remained to be settled, and we felt that it was best settled between Timmy and Nancy.

I solemnly informed Nancy that her father and I felt that she was now sufficiently punished for her offenses toward us. Nancy gave a small sigh of relief amid her bitter sobbing and moaning, along with a whispered, "Oh, thank God!", almost to herself. I must be a natural disciplinarian, because I must admit I took great pleasure in crushing this small hope of relief with my next statement. I informed her that it was now Timmy's turn to punish her for her treatment of him.

Nancy's and Timmy's reactions couldn't have been more different. For Nancy's part, I honestly believe that in her agony she had completely forgotten that her hated little brother had been enjoying her humiliation and agony from the catbird seat. Now that she was reminded of his presence, I feel sure that her sense of mortification rushed back into her consciousness and took its place beside the equally intense awareness of her intolerably stinging and throbbing bottom and thighs and beside her sudden new fear of more agony and indignity to come. Her moans and pleas to be let off "just this once" and her promises to always be good to us and to Timmy, were wonderful to hear.

Timmy, on the other hand, looked as if he'd been given that pony he had been asking for so long. His eyes brightened. "Really, mom? Can I whip her too? Oh, goody! I'll make her jump!" This was clearly a great thrill to the little man.

At this point we feel the need to perhaps suggest that you might add just a little bit of information to your suggestion of a technique for punishing the area between the bottom cheeks. You suggest lengthwise strokes, which of course makes sense, but you neglect to say whether the strokes should be delivered with the tip of the birch pointing "upward" that is toward the "subject's" head, or "downward", toward the floor. Also, we found that with Nancy in her current position, such that her bottom crack was primarily oriented in a vertical direction, it would be awkward to deliver strokes to the area. It was clear that it would be better if Nancy's bottom could be oriented in a more horizontal position, so that lengthwise strokes could be applied downward from directly above.

We solved this latter problem through my husband's ingenuity. Apparently he had already considered it, the sly dog! He detached the strap on Nancy's right ankle from the leg of the sawhorse, leaving the strap still firmly wrapped around her ankle. I then realized that the straps were attached to clips on the sawhorse legs, and that there was another set of clips about a foot higher. He reattached the ankle to the higher clip and then repeated the process with the other ankle. This had the amusing effect of forcing Nancy to kind to poke out her ravaged hindquarters. She moaned with her awareness of further embarrassment. However, I didn't see that it solved our dilemma. The target area was still not conveniently placed.

Then he went around to Nancy's front and, with each wrist, detached it from the front leg and reattached it to the clip on the sawhorse leg that her ankle had just been clipped to. Now his scheme was clear. Basically, he had rotated our young culprit forward about thirty degrees. Nancy's head was almost touching the floor directly beneath the padded crossbar and, more to the point, her bottom was rotated so that the dividing grove was much closer to horizontal in orientation than vertical. It was much more accessible to a natural birch stroke. Perhaps your readers may be able to benefit from our method of solving this difficulty. We certainly hope so!

One amusing side effect of this position was that Nancy's rather sizable boobs now hung down in her face, which was getting quite red, probably because of the blood rushing to it in this new and probably somewhat uncomfortable position. Also, Nancy seemed to dislike the position quite a bit and begged us to extricate her from it.

Another side effect of Nancy's new position is that it is now difficult to decide which side of the sawhorse should be designated the "front" and which the "back". The side that we previously would have called the back side was now the side that Nancy was facing, and the "front" side was now where you could see her back! It seems to be simplest to continue referring to back and front as they were. That is, my husband and I had been operating on Nancy from the back and the other side was the front.

Now we must discuss with you our one real difference with you. It is really a simple matter. You suggest that the area between the well spread buttocks of the "subject" should be attended to more or less at the disciplinarian's discretion, based on his or her opinion on just how "shameful" the behavior of the "subject" has been. But you also counsel that care must be taken to avoid any blows striking the "subject's" genitals. Our finding, based on simple anatomy and on simple experience, is this: if the anus receives the kiss of the birch, it is very hard, if not impossible, to avoid having the genitals also receive some attention. The twigs are of different lengths. To some extent each twig arranges itself as it will on the downstroke. In short, they are a bit hard to control.

In addition to these difficulties, we found that, on reflection, we had trouble seeing the point of your insistence on caution. It seemed to us that the anus is just as sensitive and delicate an organ as are the genitals, at least in girls. Why deem one to be fair game and not the other? We certainly agreed with you in principle that making use of the more sensitive areas of the "subject's" anatomy to emphasize a point about particularly reprehensible behavior could be extremely effective in leaving a lasting memory and producing an immediate improvement in behavior. We just couldn't understand your particular distinction, not to mention the fact of the difficulty of implementation.

Our solution? Well to put it colloquially, we decided that Nancy's naughty little pussy as well as her bumhole must pay their fair share of restitution for her bullying of poor Timmy, particularly given the nature of her offense against him; however, in view of the sensitive and delicate nature of the areas in question it seemed obvious to us that they should not receive strokes that were equivalent to what her buttocks and thighs had received. Either a much lighter or less punishing instrument must be used or else the strokes must be delivered with much more restraint, or both. After all, we wanted to teach Nancy a valuable lesson, but we didn't want to injure her!

(to be continued)

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