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My fantastic bus trip (part 2)

Boarding the bus with Charlie still in tow, I saw that my friend Marcie's dad was driving.

Seeing my questioning look, he explained, "I chartered it from the company for the weekend. They agreed to let me drive."

Of course they did, he was now some kind of big shot manager for that tour company. And, before getting his degree and being "kicked upstairs" as he put it, he had been a driver for them.

As I and Charlie made our way to some empty seats, still linked by my hand on his cock, I received another surprise. Marcie, her eight-year-old sister Susie, her brother Ray, fifteen, and their mom were all aboard. That wasn't the surprise. The surprise was that Ray was stark naked, blushing just as badly as the other boys, with little Susie working her hand up and down his hard on.

Turns out that what we did to my brat brothers at my birthday party was nothing new for Marcie. Her family had been treating Ray that way for about four years now. That's how she had known that Ray had a bigger dick than Teddy!

Kathy's dad didn't board, he had to work tomorrow. Once everyone else was on and we were underway, Marcie's dad, Raymond Melick, senior, made an announcement over the P.A. system. "Welcome aboard everyone. Girls, I hope you have a good time on the trip, feel free to have any fun you want with the boys. Boys, if you dare cum on this bus, I will personally spank your asses red. And, you will have to thoroughly scrub down the interior before I return it to the depot Sunday."

Of course, with that kind of encouragement, we now five girls knew exactly what we were going to do. Using our hands to make the boys cum. And we did, switching boys every three minutes, my ever helpful mom keeping time. In the next twenty minutes Ray and Teddy each erupted once, their white creamy cum getting all over their chests. Charlie came twice, not quite dry, but not shooting either. Both times, only a few clear drops leaked from the tip of his prick. Dickie and Justin both came three times, dry. That pipsqueak Justin's tiny thingy is just as much a dry cummer as Little Dickie's little dickie!

We girls made sure that Mr. Melick knew each time a boy came. We had the rule in effect that each time a boy came, he had to announce loudly "I'm cummming!" Just to make sure, we five would then shout out that the boy was cumming, by chanting out, for example, "Charlie's cumming, Charlie's cummming!" Of course, we used the name of whichever boy it was who had dared defy driver's orders.

"Well, that's one spanking for cumming coming right up," Marcie's dad would cheerfully reply on the P.A., to our giggles.

Just after twenty minutes, we pulled up to a house.

"My Aunt Jenny lives here," said Marcie. "With my two cousins, little Rachel, who's nine, and her pest of a brother, Kenny."

"Kenneth's twelve," said Marcie's mom. "Jenny thinks he's gotten far enough out of hand that a strong dose of our training is needed."

"You mean, taking him into hand the hard way," joked mom. "Or is that taking his hard on into hand?"

We all laughed out loud at that. We were still laughing when Marcie's aunt and two cousins came out their front door. Kenny had on just some briefs, with comic book super hero characters on them. Kind of babyish for twelve, I thought, but then they did look somewhat too small for him.

"That's his punishment outfit," explained Marcie, he has to wear them whenever he's being spanked.

"They're cute," I said, "but will have to come off once he's in here."

"They will, and before that," said a slightly annoyed sounding Mrs. Melick as she and my dad made their way to the front of the bus. "Just watch."

Looking out the window, I saw why the two adults were agitated and leaving the bus. Kenny was giving his mom a very difficult time. Holding a travel bag in one hand, she was using the other to try to pry Kenny loose from his firm grip on the railing adjacent to their front stairs. Obviously, he had no intention of walking to the bus on his own, showing off his cute undies.

Quickly, my dad and Kenny's Aunt Marcie were on the scene. Dad gave Kenny a mighty whack on his bottom, eliciting an immediate yelp we even heard in the bus, his hands flying back to cover his behind. Just as immediately, dad grabbed his hands, holding them in place behind the now crying boy's back. And just as quickly, Mrs. Melick whisked his briefs down and off, tossing them far into the yard. Now, he had a bigger worry than showing off his little kids" underpants, he was showing off everything that nature had given him!

Smacking Kenny's cute butt every step of the way, dad frog walked him onto the bus. Where he was greeted by the sight of five dressed girls standing next to five very naked boys, naked just like him. Except, they had boners, and he didn't. But we knew that would be changing real fast.

Kenny's boy parts were definitely bigger than Dickie's and Justin's, but not as large as Teddy's and Charlie's. He was circumcised, like Ray and my brothers. He had a very small and thin smattering of pubic hair, very short and non-curly, maybe extending only a few inches to either side of his dick and maybe a half inch or so up from his cock toward his stomach.

"Girls, this is my sister Jennifer," Marcie's mom introduced the new arrivals. "And this is her daughter, my niece, Rachel." Like Nancy at our house, little Rachel couldn't help but gawk and giggle at all the naked boys.

"And here we have her son, my nephew Kenneth," she continued. "Girls, why don't you welcome Kenny with a proper hand shaking."

Grinning, knowing what Marcie's mom had in mind, I reached out and grabbed Kenny's prick, giving it a good shaking up and down.

"Hi, Kenny, I'm Betty," I introduced myself to the red faced boy.

"Stop that!" he shouted, new tears welling in his eyes.

"No, you stop it," roared his aunt, giving his bare behind two hard smacks of her own. "You do not tell any female no, ever," she added, smacking his already sore bottom again. Do you understand me, young man?" Another spank.

"Yes, Aunt Beth," the now openly crying boy replied.

"Good," chimed in his mother, "From now on, I expect you to show proper respect for females at all times. I don't care if they're nine like Rachel or sixty-seven like Grandma. Do you get me?"

"Yes," mumbled the still crying Kenny.

"Yes, what," roared Mrs. Melick, giving his balls a hard squeeze, causing Kenny to moan and bend over double. "Answer me," demanded his tormenter.

"Yes, ma'am" responded the suddenly not-so-big twelve-year- old.

"Straighten up this instant," ordered his mom. Which, somewhat surprisingly to me, he did, still moaning and crying.

"That's better," said his aunt, Marcie's mom. "Betty, would you please shake again?" she asked me.

"Gladly," I answered, repeating my introduction, to Kenny's complete horror.

(to be continued)

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