donderdag 17 december 2009

Mentioning some recent misbehavior

I am 35 now but I vividly remember getting spanked by my cruel mother from ages 5 to about 16. She also on many occasions tried to maximize the humiliation of it. Many times I recall her waiting till there was a small gathering of people around before mentioning some recent misbehavior and then insisting on spanking me right in front of everyone. She would typically make me lift my dress and then take my panties down as she scolded me. Often she would make me turn around once or twice slowly to display me, my lip quivering as I tried to avoid bursting into tears. Then I had to lay over her lap and try to get my buttocks into a position that suited her. I would arch it up and wiggle and thrust it up until she was happy with it, usually as she rubbed and patted my bottom. She then would commence to briskly handspank me until I was crying and on the brink of not being able to tolerate it. Then she would use the wooden hairbrush putting me over the edge, making me sob hysterically like a baby. God it would hurt. I suppose the worst humiliation was when at the age of 15 she spanked me bare bottomed in front of my older brother and two of his friends. I kept my legs tightly together for modesty's sake... she slapped my thighs... to better "learn my lesson". Yeah, right. Thinking of what they saw as I submitted to that spanking makes me blush even now. My mother died two years ago, and although I hated her for all that she did, I try to keep a positive view of how it all affected me and my submissive nature.

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