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School for Girls (part 3)

"Yeeeooww!" Trudy screamed. But she'd barely finished her noise when the teacher's next blow connected, this time squarely on the blubbering girl's right buttock. Trudy grasped the edges of her chair tightly, collapsed all of her weight onto the desk and began to kick wildly. Miss St. George held onto the girl's skirts firmly, continuing to whack down on the girl's bounding seat as Trudy screamed aloud.

When the teacher had turned every inch of the bottom flesh before her a hot crimson, she released her hold on Trudy. The girl did not realize the ordeal was over at first and continued to cry and kick for another full minute. Finally she settled down into pitiful wails. "Do not remove your hands from your chair." Miss St. George directed as she carefully tucked Louise's skirts up more securely.

Feeling the stroke of the teacher's cool fingers across her skin and seeing Trudy's shaking red buttocks before her, sent Louise into a panic. She could not be punished like this, she could not! The first thwack across her backside informed her otherwise. Louise ground down on her teeth, refusing to make the spectacle of herself that Trudy had. Whack! Whack! Whack! And soon, Louise was sobbing, begging, and rolling her hips to and fro.

Miss St. George noted with almost scientific interest that the redhead's skin flushed to an angry hue much quicker than Trudy's had. She wondered if the sting was also more acute. But Louise's round little bum squirmed no more violently than any other student Miss St. George had spanked in her short career as a teacher.

Her third victim was a raven haired beauty, Orianna, at the back of the second row. Miss St. George laid her palm delicately on the small of Orianna's back and rubbed the hairbrush across the girl's hind quarters for a moment before she began the spanking. Orianna did not cry out as the others had. Instead she drew in air with a hiss at each smack her teacher delivered. She kept her feet firmly on the floor and gripped the seat of her chair so tightly her knuckles showed white. As the spanking increased in intensity, harder swats at a faster pace, Orianna's sucking breaths turned to loud grunts as she fought to keep control of herself until finally she too was reduced to a kicking, sobbing little girl who cried, "I'm soooorrrrry! Ohhh pleeeaaase miss!!" at the top of her lungs.

Before beginning the next spanking, Miss St. George paused to roll up the sleeves of her shirt waist blouse. Her breathing was uneven as she licked her pink lips and smoothed a curl back into place. It was a strenuous task she had set herself.

Ruby watched all this with a feeling that could only be described as excitement. She knew she was next and her whole body flushed at the thought. She met Miss St. George's eyes briefly before the teacher positioned herself to Ruby's left side. Ruby felt the movement of air when Miss St. George lifted her arm. When the smack came, Ruby kept her gaze locked on the glistening pink of Orianna's sex, it reminded her of a lips waiting to be kissed. Smack! Smack! One on either buttock. Even though she'd begun to moan, Ruby forced her eyes to stay open, fastened in front of her.

With each hot, stinging blow that Miss St. George delivered to her thighs and bottom, Ruby became more aware of her own sex, a voluptuous throb between her legs. By accident, she ground her hips forward into the edge of the desk. It was the natural impulse of cringing from the blow but had the effect of electricity on a part of her she hadn't known existed until that very moment. As the teacher's spanks concentrated on one spot, the curve where her bottom melded into her thighs, Ruby gasped aloud, threw back her head and cried out in wild abandon as she rocked the mound of her sex into the varnished wood of her desk. As she lay collapsed across her desk in a rosy hot bliss, Ruby was only dimly aware her spanking had ended and that Miss St. George had moved on to a squealing Grace.

After setting five bottoms ablaze, Miss St. George decided to rest her arm. She propped herself on the edge of her desk and admired her handiwork. "Stay in position until I tell you to move." She growled as a few of the girls yet to be spanked peeked over their shoulders at her. She could not deny the pleasure shooting through her belly at the sight of all those naughty bottoms presented up to her. Her own pantalets were growing quite moist as she watched the wiggling squirms of the already chastised girls. Clearly they wanted to rub the sting out of their poor poor buttocks but not one dared to reach back and try it. Well, she had places of her own she wanted to rub. But that would just have to wait. She stood and resumed the task at hand.

She moved down the third row, chose a student at random and slipped her fingers into the waistband of the girl's skirt. Miss St. George loved watching the clench of frightened buttocks. She prolonged the moment purposely to admire Amy's skittish movements as the girl crossed and uncrossed her ankles, peeked back over her shoulder and tightened her flanks once again. "Relax your bottom, Amy. That's right. I want you to count each stroke out loud."

Smack!! went the hairbrush and Amy emitted a loud squeak. "One." Thwack!! "Oww! Two!" Whack!! "Ahh! Three!" And so it continued until Amy's counting was almost unintelligible amongst her sobs. However, only when her bottom was a deep shade of red, did Miss St. George end the spanking.

When she was just finishing off the last girl, across the rows of crimson and bruised buttocks, Miss St. George caught sight of Emily with her hand on her reddened cheeks, rubbing away the sting. "Stand up Emily!" The girl looked over to her in horror. "I said "Stand up!"'

Emily sprang up, her skirt still tucked into the back of her waistband. "Go to my chair and move it to the center of the platform. Now." Tears poured down Emily cheeks and her pretty mouth opened to beg. A quick shake of Miss St. George's head warned her against it. Emily did as she was told and moved the chair.

"The rest of you may stand and face the front now. Your hands are to remain at your sides until you leave this classroom."

The girls turned to see Emily, despondent, standing beside the teacher's chair. "Because Emily dared to rub her bottom when I specifically told you all to keep your hands on your chairs, she will be receiving another spanking which you all may watch."

Miss St. George sat in the straight backed chair and pulled the sobbing girl across her lap. "Hold onto the legs of the chair, Emily." She instructed as she grasped her firmly around the waist. The hairbrush went up and came down in a wide, swooping arc bouncing loudly off of Emily's right thigh.

"Ahhhh!" Emily's head jerked up, her mouth opened wide and she practically sang out her cry. Whack! Smack! Splat! went the hairbrush, spanning Emily's pert bottom with broad, heavy strokes. Up, down, up, down, Miss St. George's arm seemed almost mechanized as she spanked the screeching girl. Emily's legs kicked out spasmodically in reaction to the pain.

Miss St. George's muscles were tiring, but there was a glorious pleasure in holding the warm, squirming girl. As Emily rocked her hips back and forth vainly trying to avoid the fiery strokes of the hairbrush, she unconsciously but rhythmically pressed her hipbone into the young teacher's groin. Miss St. George bit her bottom lip and spanked on, despite the tight desire in her breasts and sex.

The other girls watched in awe as every last ounce of saucy pride was spanked out of Miss Emily Lamb. When she was finally allowed up from Miss St. George's knee, Emily grabbed her buttocks, one in each hand, while continuing to screech, and hopped up and down in a mad little dance. Miss St. George stood and gave Emily's arm a shake. "Pick up your drawers and go back to your desk."

The stomping, howling girl took no notice of her teacher until she received another smack to her already thoroughly spanked backside. Then she found her pantalets, where they'd been kicked across the dias and twisted them in her hands.

"You may lower your skirts now, girls." Miss St. George leaned back against her desk and studied the tear stained faces before her. There was still some snuffling but only Emily was still openly crying. "Tomorrow morning I expect each of you to hand me a letter from your parents which will state, "I am aware that my daughter was caught cheating on an exam in school today. I am also aware that she received a paddling for such an offense." This letter is to be signed by at least one of your parents. Does anyone have any questions about this?"

All ten girls looked horrified by this pronouncement and Miss St. George knew most of them could expect another spanking at home tonight because of it. She was unsympathetic, however, and not one of the girls dared to plead with her about the required letter.

As they marched out of the classroom only moments later, there were no whispers, no secrets or giggling. They were, in total, a thoroughly chastised group of young ladies.

(the end)

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