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Jane's house (part 1)

"Yes!" thirteen year old Jane Higgins insisted into her pink cordless telephone. "Becky Tate! From her sister! Every single day!" Jane rolled over onto her stomach and propped herself up on her elbows. Her white sneakers rested on the pillows and her long black hair just reached the surface of the bed. "Yes! I told you! Just this afternoon, right on her bare bottom! Right in front of me and Tamara and Amanda and Tommy. She was only going to get it on her panties, but because she lied, she had to get it on her bare bottom! It was the coolest thing ever! And -" She heard the sound of the door opening. "I have to go, Linda - I've got to tell my mom all about this!" She stuck the received back into the cradle and jumped from the bed. "Mommy - guess what?" she cried as she ran to the landing.

"What dear?" sighed her mother, sitting in the lounge and removing her shoes. Jane trotted down the stairs. "You know Becky Tate?" she asked.

"Yes, Jane?"

"Well -" Jane paused for effect. "She gets spankings." Her mother waved a hand vaguely.

"Well, so do you darling" she replied. Jane shook her head, crossing over to where her mother was sitting. "Not like this, mommy" she promised her excitedly. "Becky Tate gets spanked every day!" Mrs. Higgins raised her eyebrows. "Every day? How can she be so bad that she is spanked every day?"

"Becky gets spanked every day when she is good" promised Jane. "If she's bad, she gets even more spankings! Becky's sister giver her a five o'clock spanking every single day, and she can't get out of it no-matter how well she behaves!"

"I think that Becky Tate has been spinning stories, dear" smiled Mrs. Higgins in amusement.

"No mommy! It's true! Becky's sister told me and today, I saw her get it." Mrs. Higgins was skeptical. "You saw Becky Tate get a spanking today?"

"Yes, I did! You can ask her sister and you can ask Amanda and Tamara and Tommy, because we were all there. We all saw her get a spanking from her sister."

"From her sister? How old is her sister?"

"I don't know. Twenty or thirty or something. She gave Becky a spanking right across her knee. And you know the best part?"

"What's the best part?" Mrs. Higgins asked, not sure what to believe.

"Becky's sister pulled down her panties in front of everyone and gave her her spanking right on her bare bottom!" Mrs. Higgins leaned forward incredulously. She scratched her head through her shoulder-length black hair. "Jane, are you serious?"

"Yes, mommy, its all true! Becky Tate gets spankings like you wouldn't believe!"

"And why were you allowed to see all of this?"

"Because it was five o'clock and at five o'clock, Becky gets her five o'clock spanking. She gets it wherever she is and whatever she is doing. She could have been upstairs on her own at spanking time but she forgot and she was with us and so her sister just put her over her knee and spanked her, then and there, and it was a great big spanking too and Becky cried and cried!"

"Wait - I'm confused here. Just slow down, Jane." Jade didn't slow down.

"At first, she only had her shorts pulled down and was going to get it on her panties but she'd told us a lie that she never gets spankings and her sister said when she's bad she had to have spankings on her bare bottom so she pulled her panties down and spanked her right on her bare bottom and Anne said that she always hates to be spanked on the bare bottom in front of anyone new -"

"Is Anne her sister?"

"No mummy! Anne is her sister's friend. Anne gives Becky spankings too. Sometimes on her panties but if Becky is bad or Anne feels like it she spanks Becky right on her bare bottom too and all Susan's friends spank Becky whenever they feel like it!"

"Is Susan Becky's sister?"

"Yes mommy! Of course! And if Becky is lucky they spank her on her panties but is she isn't, they spank her on her bare bottom! And they are super strict with her and if she does any little thing wrong, she goes across somebody's knee for a good hard spanking. Oh, and because Becky has just been bad, she has to wear her panties in the house now!"

"She has to wear her panties in the house." Mrs. Higgins repeated slowly.

"Yes! Even with company!"

"Uh-huh. Well, you have to wear your panties in the house too. Especially with company." Jane shook her head vigorously from side to side. "No mommy! Becky only gets to wear a top and a pair of panties when she is in the house. Even with company! And Susan is having her friends over for video night tomorrow night and Becky will have to be there in her panties and get them whatever they want! And they'll probably spank her!" Mrs. Higgins rubbed her eyes with her fists, struggling to make sense of it all.

"But Jane.why does Susan treat Becky like that? Why is everyone spanking Becky Tate so much?"

"Susan says that Becky deserves it - and she sure does! Tomorrow, Susan is going to make Becky go to swimming practice with a spanked bottom in an old swimming suit that is too small and everyone is going to get to see that she has a red spanked bottom."

"Jane - just slow down. I want to know why is Becky Tate getting so much punishment. Do you know why?" Jane took a deep breath.

"Susan says - before Becky's mom left on a business trip, Susan only got spanked sometimes. But when Susan was left in charge, Susan decided that Becky should be spanked all the time. Becky gets a five o'clock spanking to remind her who is boss, and to punish her for anything she did that Susan didn't find out about. Then she gets lots of other spankings whenever she does anything wrong. Then she gets other spankings just because Susan feels like, and Susan says she feels like it a lot. And all Susan's friends do just the same."

"But why Jane? What is the point?" Jane rolled her eyes.

"Because mommy, it makes her behave!"

"It does?"

"Yes! Susan says that will all the spanking and punishment, Becky is completely obedient and well behaved. She says that her mother can't believe how effective the spankings have been and how well they keep Becky in line."

"Oh my goodness!"

"Susan says that her mother is over the moon about it all, and says that when she gets back from her trip, she is going to give Becky spankings morning, noon and night!"

"She is?"

"Yes! She says that Becky is going to spend so much time across her knee being spanked, that Susan and her friends will have queue up to get some punishment in! She wants everybody she knows to spank Becky's bottom as much as possible!"

"I can't believe that the answer is so simple! Complete obedience and good behavior, and all it takes is lots and lots of spankings!" gasped Mrs. Higgins.

"Oh, I know mommy! Becky doesn't dare to put a foot out of line! Her bottom is so sore from the spankings she gets when she is good that she sure doesn't want the spankings she gets when she is bad!"

"Do you think that any girl who got spanked like that would be so well behaved?"

"If they were spanked like that? Yeah, if they got spanked like that, they sure would be! No question about it! Nobody would dare to risk getting more punishment when they were getting so much punishment already!" Mrs. Higgins sank into her chair, a grin on her face. She threw her hands into the air. "Who would ever have believed that the answer was so simple! Constant spankings!"

(to be continued)

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